Tugbong Festival Website converted to WordPress

I finished redesigning the Tugbong Festival Website before we left on February 17, 2007 for a week vacation but I was not able to upload the redesigned pages. Tugbong Festival is a yearly Joint Municipal and Religious Fiesta Celebration, every 21st to 25th of April in Pandan, Antique, Philippines.

I finally uploaded the pages a few days ago. I finished converting the site from simple HTML to WordPress using PHP. It took me at least a week to finish it as I was not really working on it everyday. Before that, I also finished converting the whole site of Pagtatap.org from simple PHP to WordPress. It used to be that only the Updates section of Pagtatap.org was using WordPress. You can read about the minor changes at “Newly redesigned Pagtatap.org” at the Updates page of the site. It took me a month to finish the Pagtatap.org site but in reality, I did it for just 10 days as I was not also working on it everyday just like the Tugbong Festival Website.

The new design of Tugbong Festival Website has a similarity with the old design with regards to the graphics but if you really take a look at them, they are different. As of the moment, you will still be able to see the old design but later on I will have to remove the old pages to avoid duplicating the contents. The other pages are still there except for the index.html which was redirected to the new index page.

Anyway, WordPress has a new release, WordPress 2.1.1, and Tugbong Festival Website is now using it. I still have to upgrade the other websites as I was on vacation when WordPress released the new version.

Other Updates:
Also, before we left, I updated the website of Philippine Seafarers Assistance Programme. You can see all the updates at the Site / PSAP Updates page of the site.

Then when we arrived from our vacation, I started updating other websites too. I just updated the News page of Pandan.gov.ph, and the Publication and Media pages of Green Cross Switzerland.

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