Sites upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3

All blogs ( Blog, Simply Sofie Blog) and websites (,,,, News section, Tugbong Festival) that I own and being maintained using WordPress have been updated on April 4, 2007, the day after WordPress 2.1.3 was released.

It’s not only the WordPress 2.1 branch which has a new security release but also WordPress 2.0. So for those who are still having the WordPress 2.0, you can also upgrade to WordPress 2.0.10.

A lot of WordPress users have issues regarding upgrading to WordPress 2.1 for the reason that the plugins they have been using are no longer compatible with WordPress 2.1.

I suggest, use a plugin if it’s only necessary. Let go of the other plugins for a while. Find another one similar to the plugin you used before that is compatible with WordPress 2.1 branch. Upgrade slowly, just don’t jump from a lower version to a higher version like from WordPress 1.5 to WordPress 2.1 unless you really know what you’re doing. Spend your time reading the forum, you’ll most likely find the answer there. You probably need not even ask a question. WordPress forum is quite very helpful. And yes, don’t forget, the most important is, backup your database and the theme or template you are using especially if you already tweaked it a little bit before you upgrade.

Or better yet, read this at the on how to upgrade WordPress, Upgrading WordPress.

Another important matter about major releases, if you don’t know yet, WordPress will be having another major release (WordPress 2.2) this April, most probably on April 23, 2007. I also mentioned about it on my entry WordPress 2.0.7, WordPress 2.1 RC1, Site Updates. Check it out too at this entry WordPress Wednesday: New Security Release, Updated WordPressMU, More WordPress Plugins, and Time to Get Naked by Lorelle VanFossen at The Blog Herald.

Site Update:
I updated the media pages of Green Cross Switzerland. The press release is ony in German language. Green Cross Switzerland has a new board member.

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