Upgraded to WordPress 2.3 “Dexter”

I finally finished upgrading all the Websites using WordPress from WordPress 2.1.3 to WordPress 2.3 “Dexter”. I really had issues with WordPress 2.2 that’s why I didn’t upgrade the sites from WordPress 2.1.3 to WordPress 2.2 neither to WordPress versions 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and 2.2.3. I first tried upgrading Sehdi.com last Tuesday, and I didn’t have any problems. So I decided to upgrade all the other Websites the next day except for Weggis.net which I only did on Friday.

SofieHofmann.com Blog, Sehdi.com, Pandan.ph, Pandan.gov.ph News, Tugbong.pandan.ph were still using WordPress 2.1.3 before the upgrade. Pagtatap.org was the only one that I upgraded from WordPress 2.1.3 to WordPress 2.2.1, not WordPress 2.2. Actually with Weggis.net, I didn’t have to do it myself, as my webhost has one click upgrade feature. I wanted to upgrade Weggis.net last Wednesday too, but my webhost haven’t installed WordPress 2.3 yet. As I haven’t upgraded the site from WordPress 2.2.2, I just upgraded it to WordPress 2.2.3, only to be upgraded again last Friday to WordPress 2.2.3 as my webhost finally installed it.

I never really had major problems with the WordPress Plugins, everything went well. If there were any problems, they were just minor ones, and they were fixed in just a few seconds.

I don’t have more than 7 WordPress Plugins in any of my sites but if you combine all the different sites, then I’m using more or less 11 but not more than 15 WordPress Plugins. What are those WordPress Plugins then? Kindly check this past entry, Upgraded to WordPress 2.1 Ella. So far I’m using the same WordPress Plugins and nothing really changed that much except for using its new versions, of course. Check the sites of these WordPress Plugins for new versions compatible to WordPress 2.3.

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