Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1

I finally finished upgrading all my weblogs and websites using WordPress from WordPress 2.3 to WordPress 2.3.1, which is actually just a bug-fix and security release for the WordPress 2.3 series. Read the details at the WordPress.org Blog, WordPress 2.3.1.

I upgraded the sites Sehdi.com, SofieHofmann.com Blog, Pandan.ph, Tugbong.pandan.ph, Pagtatap.org, Pandan.gov.ph News, and Weggis.net.

Every time I upgraded, I also wrote some details on how did I do it. So here it goes again. 🙂

My 10 steps to upgrading WordPress:

First, I downloaded the latest WordPress release in my hard disk. I downloaded it from the download page of WordPress.

Second, I extracted/unzipped the new files in my hard disk. With this, I was able to check the site locally because I installed IIS in my hard disk.

Third, I made a back-up of my database in my hard disk. I just accessed phpmyadmin online and then exported the whole database.

Fourth, I copied the old files to another folder, and also to my hard disk. If anything happens during the upgrade and the pages are not showing up properly, I can always revert to the old files.

Fifth, I changed the content of the index file at the root or at the folder where the WordPress was installed. I did it using the web control panel, sometimes via FTP. The message goes like this, “Sorry, I’m upgrading the site right now. Please come back after a few minutes.” With this, visitors will know that nothing is wrong with the site or else visitors might get the internal server error message.

Sixth, I deactivated all the WordPress Plugins. This is just to avoid any pages not showing up properly in case the plugin is not compatible with the latest release of WordPress. I logged-in first of course at the admin page.

Seventh, I deleted the files except the index.php file, wp-content folder and config.php file. I deleted the files using the web control panel, it’s easier because if I do it via FTP, I just can’t delete the folder. I have to delete the contents of the subfolder first, if there’s any, then the contents of the folder, and then the folder.

Some notes though, I just visited the site of WordPress and read that there was no need for me to delete the files anymore. I could have just uploaded the files and the old files will be replaced. Copying the entire folder will overwrite the old files.

Eight, I uploaded the entire folder of the extracted files even including the wp-content folder via FTP. There were no plugins yet, except Akismet being always part of the release, at the wp-content folder of the new extracted release version, so no plugins have been replaced other than Akismet.

Take note, be very careful when deleting or overwriting files, read the details at the codex of WordPress on Upgrading WordPress. I noticed that they have rewritten the content here. So kindly check it out. I didn’t read it before I upgraded the sites to WordPress 2.3.1.

Ninth, I replaced the index file with the original content. With this, the pages will again show up properly.

<?php define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);

Tenth, lastly, I checked the pages, and reactivated the plugins one at a time.

I didn’t have any problem with the upgrade and with the plugins. Everything just went smooth. You can read this entry, Upgraded to WordPress 2.1 Ella, to know what WordPress Plugins have I been using. I still use the same plugins. Check each site for new versions.

Anyway, if you notice at the Plugins section, there should be a message there if the plugin you use have a new version. Also, once you logged-in to your admin, there will also be a message that you are using an old version of WordPress and that you can download the latest version from the website of WordPress.

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