Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2, WordPress Plugin Automatic Upgrade

I finished upgrading all the sites using WordPress. I really had no plan to upgrade from WordPress 2.6 to WordPress 2.6.2 as I did not have any problem with it. I even skipped upgrading to WordPress 2.6.1. I know that WordPress 2.7 is going to be released this coming November. So, I thought I will just wait for WordPress 2.7.

But I changed my mind, so I finally upgraded all the websites using the publishing platform WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System). Upgrading to WordPress 2.6.2 did not cause any problem. Even when I upgraded several WordPress Plugins by clicking “upgrade automatically”. It worked just fine and no problem at all.

I actually just tested the WordPress Plugin Automatic Upgrade to see if it works, and if it is safe to use it. It worked, that is because I did the testing at the site where Dreamhost is the web hosting company. The last time I made use of it with a different web host, it did not work. I just got errors. But clicking “upgrade automatically” works with Dreamhost. I think this is again a plus for Dreamhost.

I will try to test this WordPress Plugin Automatic Upgrade at my other sites hosted at a different web host other than Dreamhost. I will see if I will still encounter any problems. As of the moment, there’s nothing to upgrade as I also upgraded all the WordPress Plugins by uploading them together with the WordPress 2.6.2 files.

By the way, I’m not talking about a certain WordPress Automatic Update Plugin here but the built-in One-click or Automatic Upgrade feature of WordPress which was included in WordPress 2.5 when it was released on March 29, 2008. It is different from the update notification which lets you know if ever there’s a new release of WordPress or there’s a new available updated version of a WordPress Plugin that you are using. The update notification feature was included when WordPress 2.3 was released on September 24, 2007.

I guess, no upgrading will be done until WordPress 2.7 which will be released on November 10, 2008 if everything will be fine as planned by WordPress.org.

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