WordPress Flash Uploader, Adobe Flash Player 10, Userplane Applications

I just redesigned Pandan.ph Website and made use of the gallery feature of WordPress. The downside was I was not able to use the WordPress Image Flash Uploader to upload the photos, only the normal WordPress Image Browser Uploader.

For clarification, Flash uploader is an image uploader making use of the flash so you can upload pictures in bulk while the Browser uploader is when you can only choose one file or photo to upload to your WordPress site.

I did not mind using the Browser uploader because I did not have too many pictures to upload. I was able to upload everything and Pandan.ph Website is now online with the new photo gallery.

When I finally uploaded the new WordPress theme of Pandan.ph, activated it, and then announced that it has been redesigned, I thought of changing its front page look and put a Live Web Chat into it. I already have an account with Userplane, so I thought of using one of its applications. Unfortunately, it was not showing up unless I upgrade my Adobe Flash Player. I downloaded the new Adobe Flash Player 10 and installed it.

With the new installation, I tested 3 Userplane applications to no avail. I surfed the web and looked for answers to the problem. According to Adobe site, and to my understanding, I should have uninstalled the Adobe Flash Player first before installing the new one. That I didn’t know. I do not even remember what version of Adobe Flash Player I was using before I installed the Adobe Flash Player 10. With the new information, the only way to uninstall the software was by using the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller. I downloaded the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller available at the Adobe site. I uninstalled the Adobe Flash Player and installed it again.

I thought everything will be resolved but no, the Userplane application was still giving me the message that I should upgrade to the new Adobe Flash Player. I thought again, maybe something went wrong with the installation and the Adobe Flash Player 10 I downloaded before was corrupted. So I downloaded the Adobe Flash Player 10 again. I uninstalled and installed the software but still to no avail.

I did not implement the Live Web Chat at the site. I also looked for other WordPress Live Web Chat Plugins but at that time I did not like to register again with another site. I thought that I will just implement the Live Web Chat later. I will still have to look for an alternative.

I resumed working as I am redesigning several of my sites right now especially the photo galleries. I tested uploading photos to my other WordPress sites, the Flash uploader was still not working. I surfed the web and again, looked for answers to this problem. I found out that WordPress Image Flash Uploader is not compatible with Adobe Flash Player 10.

I do not work too much with flash, so having read that it is better to use Adobe Flash Player 9 for the meantime, I downloaded Adobe Flash Player 9 from the Adobe site. I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player 10 and installed Adobe Flash Player 9.

Well, WordPress Image Flash Uploader worked but only in one of my sites. That site is in fact hosted with Dreamhost. I find it really funny because I always like my web hosts here in Switzerland but right now I’m getting quite satisfied with Dreamhost so far. I can only use the Browser uploader at the other sites being hosted at my 2 other web hosts. The Flash uploader does not work at all. The reason why I was not able to use the WordPress Image Flash Uploader with Pandan.ph because it is being hosted at one of my web hosts here, and not with Dreamhost. I will have to contact my other web hosts to know what is wrong.

I hope that this problem will be resolved soon. It’s not fun uploading photos one by one, you know. 🙂

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